Golfing Class Evaluations for females – Getting Golfer Pleasant Classes

In my profession of reviewing Georgia chiang mai golf holidays , mostly within the Atlanta spot golfing marketplace, I have the one of a kind ability to include a specific twist to my golf class testimonials. My visitors get the additional advantage of golf program assessments for females, by a lady.

Certainly one of my pet peeves is usually a golf program that won’t really established up with the female golfer.

Such as, have you at any time played a golf class wherever the ahead tees (aka, the “ladies tees”) appear to have been included as after-thought? A minimize down patch of fairway, or maybe the tee box markers just “tossed” somewhere in front of the men’s ahead tees, are just two illustrations of the golfing class that does not just take into account the strength of the girl golfing market.

Ladies golfers now stand for in excess of 25% on the golfing market place for a entire. Also, a significant statistic to take into account is usually that the swiftest expanding segment of ladies golfers is definitely the 18-29 year outdated bracket. Let on your own the point that one-third of all “new golfers” are gals.

Insert to those stats the easy indisputable fact that golf is actually a “game for the lifetime” and golfers around 50 participate in much more rounds than their young counter-parts, it is rather complicated for me to find out, from a pure business angle, how this market place is just not supplied quite critical thing to consider at Each individual golf training course. Will this consider some additional effort? Needless to say, though the long-term gains considerably outweigh the original investment.

The standard female golfer carries a USGA index of about 28. The forward/ladies tees really should be established up with that market in your mind. At present, I carry a USGA index that places me within the prime 7% of US novice gals golfers. I do know that if a course provides a destructive impact on me, it’s going to certainly cause a adverse influence to the goal marketplace of ladies golfers.

I’ve noticed definite advancement in golf course set-up in relation on the lady golfer previously handful of yrs, but you’ll find even now courses that need a “touch up”. Becoming which the golf business is a male-dominated subject, I believe it could profit every single program to enlist some ladies golfers of varying enjoying talents to review their study course. Much more importantly, listen to their feed-back.

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