5 Tips for Achieving a Balanced Diet

As we balance our diet with exercise, we will also look to balance our diet with everything that we eat. It can sometimes be a sacrifice to eat something that we enjoy less for the nutrients that it will provide. But then, treats only become treats if we treat ourselves with them occasionally.

So, how can we best achieve a balanced diet?

Finding 5 Portions of Fruit or Vegetables

It is recommended that for a balanced diet we eat 5 portions of either fruit or vegetables per day. It is not stated which fruits or vegetables, so that means that we can find those that we most enjoy. This may vary from season to season. In the UK, strawberries are popular at the same time of year as grass-court tennis is being played at Wimbledon. Our treat might be to add cream to the strawberries.

If you are looking to add Vitamin C to your diet, then you ought to think about citrus fruits as they are a good source of vitamin C as well as containing varying amounts of vitamin A.

A medium-sized orange will provide 70 mg of vitamin C, whereas a grapefruit will provide 56 mg. When you think of the size differential, this makes oranges a particularly rich source of vitamin C. Additionally, if you like, you can also enjoy some natural citrus drink that might provide you with nutrients as well as leave you feeling refreshed.

Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, spinach, cauliflower, and cabbage are some of the highest sources of vitamin C among vegetables.

In addition to protecting cells, vitamin C will support the maintenance of healthy skin, bones, blood vessels, and cartilage. However, if citrus foods are not your favorite, you can switch to taking supplements that you may take after a meal. Additionally, if you want to gather more information, you may explore the advantages of such supplements and their benefits (like liposomal vitamin c benefits) and how to use them.

Beside Vitamin C, Vitamin A, also known as retinol, assists a body’s natural defenses against infections and illnesses.

Eat Smaller Meals

To help achieve a balanced diet it can assist you to eat smaller meals and more regularly. Binge eating is what tends to lead to eating too much of the wrong thing. Such as when we eat a whole pizza instead of a few slices or end up having a double cheese hamburger instead of a single one.

Formulate an Eating Plan

By working out what you will eat each day, you are more likely to stick to eating the foods that are going to help you to achieve a balanced diet. There is no reason why one or two treats, perhaps fish and chips on a Friday, cannot be incorporated into the plan. As long as this is combined with fruit and vegetables and other healthier foods.

Consider Your Recipes Carefully

If you incorporate fruit and vegetables within your recipes then you are bound to satisfy the criteria for your balanced diet in that respect.

By cooking things from scratch yourself, you can have more control over what you are eating and retain more of the nutritional value of foods. It may allow you to add in ingredients that are good for you or eliminate the ones that are considered bad nutritionally. Fresh foods are more nutritional and have a nicer taste. Also, by cooking more of it yourself, you are far more likely to consider carefully just what you are eating, as you have gone to the trouble of making it. As well, you can make a nutritious dish more exciting and palatable.

Drinks to Avoid

Avoid drinks that are sugary and drink water instead. This will satisfy the 8 glasses that we are supposed to be drinking each day to not just keep us hydrated but fit and healthy. Water helps flush out our system as well as helping us avoid dehydration and feeling tired.

Drinking milk by way of a milkshake will feel like a treat and, at the same time, be providing our body with lots of calcium.

So, a few things to consider here. You cannot go far wrong by thinking about the fruits and vegetables that you enjoy eating and eating more of them. Eating smaller meals will stop us from binging on too much of the same food that is likely to be something bad for us. Having a plan that includes recipes of our own will ensure a balanced diet that has been well thought out. Then, know to avoid sugary drinks and to drink more water. If you also drink milk, that will be classed as a food and provide you with lots of calcium for healthy bones and teeth. Also calcium for regulating muscle contractions, heartbeats, and blood clotting. Choosing the right foods and eating them in moderation will be the thing that our body will most appreciate.

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