About Daria

Do you want to feel organized and happy in yourself and your home? Then you have come to the right little corner of the internet to achieve just that. I’m Daria Smith and I am a health coach from Devon in the UK. I live in my dinky little cottage with my husband and children and I love to spend my evenings curled up on the sofa and reading a good book and now of course writing this blog.

I am an independent company so I have very bizarre work hours however it also means that I can have more time for my family, hobbies, and myself. So after the school runs I do my work, get writing on this blog, and do some afternoon meditation to get rid of any stress in the day and that is the attitude I want to bring with me on this blog. 

My blog is about regular household things as well as looking after yourself, so I chose to talk about budgeting, home design, health, and wellness exercises. These are also all things that I have some experience with and I love talking about and organising when I am with my friends or writing in my planner. I am a super organised person and sometimes I become too much of a control freak and that’s when my husband tells me to slow down! I think he just get’s stressed when I start creating todo lists for him, haha!