The Things We Like to Change Around the Home

DIY is not just about fixing things it is about improving the look of our home décor too. This may be because we feel it is looking tired or simply because we desire a change. Often it can be because a home somewhere else, perhaps featured on a TV show, has caught our attention and influenced us.

Also, there is then a certain satisfaction in us doing the jobs ourselves and achieving a pleasing result from our efforts with a paintbrush or screwdriver. On the other hand, there might be other home improvement projects where we may need to hire professionals. As an example, cleaning air ducts might require hiring professionals from an air duct cleaning company (like DUCTZ of the Metro East or someplace nearby). Similarly, if you have water damage, experts from a home restoration firm would be needed. Having said that, we shall take a look at the things around our home that we are likely to want to change.

Changing the Colour of Walls

The simplest way to change the look of a large space within our home is to simply paint it a different colour. I say simply, it does take some planning and effort. We, after all, first need to choose the paint, prepare the wall, and then decide whether we are going to use a brush or roller.

Choosing the right paint is about choosing a colour that suits everyone living in the house. That is, of course, unless it is for a bedroom. That can be more of an individual choice then. Except when it is for the master bedroom, that is. Whatever colour you are thinking of, consider whether it would look better either darker or lighter. This may affect how much lighting you need in a room. Contrasting colours can look nice in a room rather than one solid colour, but be careful that the colours do not clash. Many will consider purple and yellow or orange and blue as colour clashes. This is because they are bright. However, these combinations can work.

To prepare a wall for painting, think about any holes or cracks that might need filling in before you start painting. You will need to give the filler time to dry. The overall look is going to depend on how smooth the area underneath the paint is. After sanding off any excess filler, wash the wall to remove any dust, dirt, or cobwebs. All of these can prevent the paint that you are going to apply from adhering. The best approach for cleaning walls is to use some water that is lukewarm along with some mild soap and then to just gently rub in a circular motion. Slightly damp cellulose sponges are then good for rinsing your walls off. Your preparation is now complete.

So, roller or not to roller? That is the question. Well, the advantage of a roller is that it will provide a thin, even coat. This is what you want rather than paint thick in one place and thin in another. Also, if you use a brush, it is virtually impossible not to end up with brush marks. These can be reduced by adopting a technique of painting in one direction and then lightly paint over it the other way to smooth out the brush marks. Be careful, though, not to remove the paint that you have just applied.

Change Lighting

Sometimes it can be necessary to change lighting because you have applied a dark colour to a wall. Other times, it can simply be about changing the colour of a lampshade to fit in with your new décor.

To add extra lighting from above, you might consider spotlights, so that you can have the output of three bulbs instead of just one. It can then be directed where you need the lighting most. These days even ceiling fans come with lights. You can invest in one of those fans and look for service providers similar to the ones who tend to specialize in ceiling fan installation service in Atlanta, GA (or in the region where you reside). They can fix it properly and ensure the lighting is even throughout the room.

In electric fires that light up, you can change the colour of the bulbs for a different effect. Also now, LED lights that cycle between a range of colours can provide different colours. Rather than look period, your fire could look quite mystical.

Some lighting jobs do not necessarily require an electrician. You might just be fitting an appliance into an existing socket or housing. Always turn off the electricity or isolate the circuit that the piece of equipment is on before carrying out the job. If you need to, watch an online demonstration so that you feel confident about tackling the job.

Freestanding floor lamps or those that sit on tables will be the easiest type of lighting to introduce into your home.

And don’t forget about neon lighting. If you are looking for a simple and unique lighting solution to brighen up any rooms that appear dark and dull, you will be pleased to know that neon lights can provide all the answers you are looking for. By looking at somewhere like the Neon Mama site, you will find a selection of the best neon designs that will look great in your home, and they also come in different colours too, allowing you to find the best design for your home.

Change the Look of Your Front Door

You can change the appearance of your front door without having to go to the expense of changing the whole door. This can be done by changing its door knocker or the lettering of the house number. Both will offer instant impact when someone visits your home. But, in case you are bored with how your door makes your overall entrance look, you could go for a change. In doing so, you might want to explore various options available at Infinity from Marvin (by NG Windows) or similar other door and window installers in your area of residence.

One of the most common types of doorknockers is the lion. It is seen as a protector of the home. A modern or Victorian doorknocker can be obtained in this design. You should bear in mind that with brass you are likely to want to polish it, although many antique dealers will persuade you to leave brass alone because it has built up a nice patina over many years. Alternatively, black door knockers look equally effective on a white door. You would just then need to repaint it every so often. It depends on perhaps how many visitors, family or friends, you have to your home, and how many parcels you have delivered. However, a doorbell fitted can ensure that the door knocker is not overused.

To conclude, those things we tend to change around our home will include walls, whether we paint or wallpaper them; our lighting, whether fixed to the ceiling or freestanding; and how our front door looks, simply because that is what people first see. All these jobs are possible with minimal DIY knowledge.

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